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E very morning the sun comes up and lights the day.

As I rise, so does the Jewish prayer “Modeh Ani” rise within me.

My soul is recharged.

I thank G-d for another day to experience this world and live life with meaning, with purpose, with connection to each other and to G-d.

The radiance of the sun and new day brings JOY.

To me, there’s unlimited potential waiting within each moment, within each breath. It’s as if each day brings the opportunity to see…

To truly see beauty, to experience the wonder and beauty of nature, to see the miracles of loving kindness within the beauty of family and friends.

I feel alive. Grateful.

Grateful to know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and that I have another day to share my own light with others in this world.  It makes me feel humble and brings an overwhelming sense of appreciation and faith.

Because I know all will be good—I can focus on savoring these moments— this day. We all can.

I hope the day will be generous, that it will allow for our paths to cross, for I’d be honored to ease any worries you may feel about hiring a photographer to capture and celebrate your sacred moments.

To me, every minute is worth remembering with photographs. Because I believe, every moment is filled with love.

You simply have to see it.

And as a photographer, I do see it and I’m grateful to make a living capturing the heart of each moment.

words important to my heart



One of the greatest joys in life is feeling connected to those we love.  Their love nourishes and sustains our life.  When I’m behind the camera, I see your family’s connections and capture that love, so you too can, “see” it —forever in your photographs. Some of my favorite connections to photograph are fathers and daughters, generations of women, and grandparents with their grandchildren.



There’s a light within you. It’s the love in your heart and soul that lights up a photograph. It’s what makes you uniquely you. My desire is to capture your light; to create authentic photographs that tell the story of who you are. I aspire to capture that light within all my subjects —animal & human.


The best photographs capture your authentic Self, making you comfortable to show your true personality—that’s my signature style. Photographs that reveal who you truly are make the most beautiful artwork for your walls. It’s the best gift you can give your loved ones.


To me, the gift of being truly present for someone is precious – something I value. It’s what I strive to give you during your entire photography experience: My complete presence. It’s the only way I know how; to give you an enjoyable experience and create the images (I hope) you’ll love.



While beauty is seen with your eyes, like the colors in a beautiful sunset, it’s also felt with your heart, like listening to your child laugh. These moments are Divinely precious and inspire me to capture them in photographs—for you.



Honoring your vision is my creative priority.  Listening to your ideas gets my creative energy flowing in such a way that it opens me to new, imaginative ways of beautifully capturing you and your special moments.

"Mindfully Connected"

Is something I practice each day. To be present in mind, body and spirit takes effort but the rewards are worth it. Being mindfully connected, I lead from my heart instead of my head; I’m more creative, happier and empowered. My skills as an artist expand and I’m able to give you an experience and artwork you’ll cherish. Most of all, it allows me to truly connect with you – the best connection of all.

North Carolina Bar Bat Mitzvah Photographer Ellen Schaffer


  • I chose Ellen as the photographer for my son’s Bar Mitzvah and for my daughter’s head-shots. The photos from the Bar Mitzvah blew me away! She captured the joy and exuberance of the event, and the youthful sweetness of the young guests. Every time I look at the photos I feel the same happiness and pride I felt on that day. These aren’t just photos; they are works of art. .... I met Ellen through charitable work that she is involved with so I already knew she had a very strong work ethic. Her photography is further evidence that she strives for excellence!

  • Great photos!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! Could not be happier!

  • Amazing!!! I so enjoyed looking at those (made for a very unproductive hour at work however! :) )! You did an incredible job! It looks like we threw a pretty fun party as well!! .... Thank you also for nudging us in the direction of family shots. I'm so grateful that we took those pictures before the party--we would absolutely never have gotten them during, so thank you! I am so glad that you were our photographer and will certainly champion you to my friends/acquaintances that have upcoming functions. You made me feel like we were in great hands throughout the process and totally kept this part stress free for me, which was awesome.


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